About us

Arc Solution Limited is a company registered in Nigeria to carry out, among other services; janitorial cleaning services, facility management, logistic and fleet management. Our company renders top class services.

Our calling remains the humble attempt to satisfy the yearning needs of our esteemed clients at all levels for superior and effective services.

The company is self-challenged and tirelessly seeks better ways of ensuring that our clients are satisfied after every service provided. Therefore, the need to provide high quality services is the central focus of our company, and the satisfaction of our customers, remains a goal not to be compromised! Our team of dedicated staff and management is committed to achieving the highest standards through its knowledge and expertise, as well as a willingness to constantly challenge ourselves and embrace new and innovative ideas to attaining our ultimate result of excellence.

Our company would continue to develop its business with the philosophy of delivering a professional service with high skill levels achieved via continuous in-house and on-the-job site training. Constant quality assurance, monitoring, regular audits of services have been put in place. This will play a key role in establishing long-term client relationships which is of utmost concern to us.

Why Arc Solutions

Many companies attempt to control costs and maximize their profit by paying employees or subcontractors as little as possible or supply sub-standard goods or short changing their clients. This usually results in higher staff turnover, higher recruiting/training costs, and poor quality service delivery to their customers.

ARC Solutions prides itself on having turnover rates that are far lower than the industry standards. We are accomplishing this by hiring people as employees, recognizing their employment objectives, treating them with respect, training them well and giving them regular feedback through on-the-job inspections and partnering with senior staff. And go

Experienced management structure in place
Hardware & Procedure
Compliance with Law & Industry standards
Good Staff welfare, Attitude & Skill
Unparalled Industry Experience
Unparalled Industry Experience


We carry out or services at their best. The heads of our respective operations have the required experience and training required to carry out their jobs in an effective and efficient manners.


ARC Solutions Limited, as your single-hub integrated business solutions provider. We are emblem of quality with speed, customer satisfaction, cost effectiveness, staff safety & welfare. Acceptable Business Practices are our watch words.

We thrive on HONESTY, PRIDE and HIGH QUALITY SERVICES to create and strengthen our relationship with our clients

Our Background

ARC Solutions Limited is an integrated business support services provider. We are a Nigerian wholly owned company and are building our reputation on old fashioned hard-work and attention to detail. We believe that when we take care of our employees, we can best take care of our clients.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the image, comfort and function of your core business by providing professional business support services at an affordable price.

We pride ourselves on our quality service delivery, cordial relationships with our customers and our employees. It is our mutual respect for people that have helped/helping us build a strong business for high quality work.